Center For Primary Care physicians are some of the finest in the world. We take pride in providing you  the best care and services, and for that reason, we take pride in being the very best. You can click on the physicians’ names below to see their biographies.

CPC-North Augusta

(from left to right)
Robert A. Suykerbuyk, MD    Tracy R. Barefield, MD
David M. Jester, MD              Jerry A. Lambert, MD


(from left to right)
Riaz Rassekh, MD                Edwin H. Scott, MD
Jodi L. Krueger, MD              Robert C. Franklin, MD

CPC – Evans

(from left to right)
Julia E. Hendrich, MD       Robert M. Clark, DO
Leslie J. Pollard, Jr., MD  Rebecca A. Talley, MD
Paul M. Fischer, MD        Richard W. Livingston, MD


(from left to right)
Jay A. Tomeo, MD              Priya S. Deshpande, MD
Joseph A. Hooper, MD        Denise S. Kennedy, MD
Phillip S. Kennedy, MD


Dr. Robert Clark                Dr  Rebecca A. Talley