A man has two vas deferens (commonly referred to as vases), one on the right and one on the left. Both of these structures are thin tubes that carry sperm from the testes to the ejaculatory duct.  The procedure is similar to the sterilization process women have done, commonly known as having their tubes tied.

 The procedure simply involves separating the vas deferens. A man has a left and a right vas deferens. Both of these must be separated or interrupted in order to ensure sterility. Dr. Livingston uses a technique called scalpel less. This simply means he does not make any incisions or cuts using a knife. Local anesthesia is used prior to the start of the procedure and then special instruments designed specifically for this procedure, are used to gain access to the right and left vas. The vas deferens are separated, and surgically sealed. This sealing is done using low voltage electricity.  Sterility is checked approximately 10 wks after the procedure. Pts wishing to have a vasectomy should ensure they have some free time in their schedules (at least 1-2 weeks) to allow for healing and complications, should they occur    (pain/swelling). Prior to the procedure patients are required to meet with Dr. Livingston. During this visit he will explain the procedure, examine the pt and determine if an office vasectomy is right for the patient. 

The failure rate for vasectomies is 1 out of 400. This rate is similar to failure rates when women have their tubes tied.

Dr. Livingston is a graduate of the Medical College of Georgia and Augusta College. He completed his Family Practice residency at Martin Army Community Hospital, Fort Benning, Georgia in 1997 and is Board Certified in Family Medicine. He  served in the US Army at Fort Polk, Louisana where among other responsibilities he was the Chief of the Department of Family Practice. Dr. Livingstons areas of special interest include preventive medicine and infectious diseases. His hobbies include restoring classic American cars, boating and aviation. Appointments are available Monday thru Friday as well as Thursday and Friday evenings by calling CPC-Evans at 650-7563.