Referral Appointment Line

You can check the date and time of your referal appointment by calling



24 hours/day, 7days /week)

Laboratory &Test Results

You can hear your lab or test results by calling:



Please allow 1 week for us to post your results

Unique ID Number=Social Security Number (SSN)

Personal ID number=last 4 digits of SSN

Be sure to press the pound key (#) after both ID numbers.

New Lab Calls Test Results System Has Different Procedure

Just as you always have, you can still find out your test or lab results or referral appointments by calling CPCs automated phone system.

 However, to accommodate the growing number of patients who use this service, we have replaced the old system with a newer, better one. The new system is still easy to use and still available 24 hours/day 7 days/week, but because the process of retrieving information is different with our current system, please take time to familiarize yourself with the new procedure.

To access the new toll-free Lab Calls Test Results System, call 1-866-533-3075. After you hear the greeting, you will be asked to enter your unique identification number (your Social Security number), followed by the pound sign (#).

 You will then be asked to enter your personal identification number (the last 4 digits of your Social Security number), followed by the pound sign (#). After youve entered your personal information, you will receive any messages that have been left for you. You will then hear several options: Press 8 to increase the volume, Press 9 to change your personal identification number, and Press 0 to exit the system. If you choose any of these options, you will hear further instructions.

 Your information will be available on the system as soon as possible, but please allow adequate time for CPC to receive test results, make referral appointments, and post the information: one week for test or lab results and two business days for referral appointments.

 For your convenience, CPC has printed pocket-sized cards with the phone number and other important information about using the Lab Calls Test Results System. Ask for one from your doctor or at the check-in or check-out desk.