If she were in Hollywood instead of Augusta, Jodi Krueger, M.D., would be known as a triple-threat: singer, actress, and dancer. Her talents extend beyond the examination room into the world of community theater, and the same warm personality that masks the skills of a first-rate actress highlights her talents as a caring physician. Raised in Rochester, New York, Jodi was an outstanding student, earning excellent grades throughout high school.

When it came time to select a college, she was inspired by her stepfather, an alum of the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, and decided to spend her undergraduate career at his alma mater. Much as she did in high school, Jodi performed exceptionally in her classes and graduated in only three and a half years with a B.S. in Biology. Despite her interests in anatomy and the sciences, she was not sure what she wanted to do with her life. Clinical medicine interested her, but she decided to explore medical research by spending some time in a laboratory after graduation. Jodi worked for a year and a half in a microbiology lab run jointly by the VA Medical Center and the University of Michigan as both a lab technician and laboratory manager.

Participating in projects focused on diabetes and blood pressure medication treatments, she found it was good to see clinical research,” and enjoyed being a part of that process. Although her experiences were positive, Jodi knew she did not want her career to be in a laboratory. It was then that she decided to attend medical school. She spent the next four years at Wayne State University School of Medicine in Detroit, Michigan. With a large and diverse student body, Jodi thrived in the competitive atmosphere and found her transition from lab tech to medical student to be easy.

While in school, she was fascinated by the surgical and obstetrical fields and contemplated a career of one of those specialties. However, it was the influence of her mentor and advisor, Dr. Paul Warner, that led her to choose family medicine. She realized that the trusting relationship a family physician has with her patients was what she wanted for herself. So, with Dr. Warners advice in mind, Jodi moved to Concord, North Carolina after graduation to start her residency at Cabarrus Family Medicine Residency Program at NorthEast Medical Center.

Her residency program was a fledgling one, having been established only one year before, in 1996. This worked to Dr. Krueger’s advantage, however, as she was able to provide input and feedback on her experiences. With a phenomenal set of teachers, she was allowed to do more than the average resident and became an active part of the obstetrical and surgical teams. I was one of the few who didnt pass out in the operating room! she recounts.

While in North Carolina, Dr. Krueger cultivated another one of her loves: dancing. Having taken ballet lessons from ages three to twenty, she explored her creative side with adult dance classes where she was known as the dancing doctor. On a whim, she also decided to try out for a part at the local community theater. She was surprised when she earned a part in Oklahoma as a member of the chorus. This role was followed by other appearances in Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat, Smoke on the Mountain, and Gypsy!, a memorable cameo that earned her the Concord community award for Best Cameo.

Dr. Krueger completed her residency program and decided to stay on at Cabarrus Family Medicine as a practicing physician and as part of the faculty. After five years, however, she knew it was time for a change. While surfing the internet one afternoon, she came across a family medicine website advertising CPCs interest in family physicians. Knowing she wanted to stay in the South, Dr. Krueger applied and soon found herself a member of the CPC family. Professionally, Dr. Krueger is interested in preventative care and gastrointestinal disorders and enjoys treating children and adolescents. She also likes prenatal counseling and care, something she considers one of the best parts of family medicine.

Dr. Krueger and her husband, Scott, have a 20-month-old daughter, Kyla. She says that being a parent has made [her] a better physician. Having her own child has taught her a lot about both children and parents – things that one can understand only through the invaluable experiences of parenthood. In her free time, Dr. Krueger enjoys spending sunny afternoons with her husband and daughter at the lake on their boat. She also likes to cook and read, and hopes to get back into theater in the Augusta community. With such diverse talents, Dr. Jodi Krueger will definitely be a dynamic and exciting addition to the CPC community. Dr. Krueger is now seeing patients at CPC-South. To schedule an appointment, call the office at (706) 798-1700.

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