The Center for Primary Care and Doctors Hospital Rehab Health & Imaging Center celebrated the official opening of the North Augusta Health Center, 105 Hugh Street, with a ribbon cutting and open house on June 3, 2004. The event marked the official opening of the center, which was developed by CPC and is the home of its fourth family practice office in the CSRA. S. Lynn Mishra, M.D., who has been with CPC-North Augusta since January, will be joined by Robert A. Suykerbuyk, M.D., in September. The most prominent architectural feature of the 12,000- square-foot North Augusta Health Center is the clock tower, which can be seen from all sides of the building. The idea for the tower was inspired by Dr. Paul Fischers mother, Dolle. She said we should think about having a clock tower in our next office, Dr. Fischer said. North Augusta seemed like a perfect location for it because it would be seen by lots of people going to work and coming home. Like a good son, Dr. Fischer did what he was told, and the clock and tower were incorporated into the building design. The clock tower, featuring a backlit clock five feet in diameter, is dedicated to his parents, Elmer and Dolle Fischer.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Mishra or Dr. Suykerbuyk (beginning Sept. 2004) at the North Augusta office, call (803) 279-6800.